Bengry: Patience

Robert Bengry photo collection, Alberta
My Great Grandpa wrote on this photo "Brother Jack shooting chip off toe. PRETENCE ONLY." I inherited the gun in the photograph. R Bengry

Do you have an enemy? I don't mean someone you just don't like, but someone who wants to harm you? and who probably enjoys doing so? Or worse yet, are you an enemy of someone in that you want to do them harm? Is there anyone you'd enjoy hurting? Well, that's wickedness.
    Wicked people do wicked things and the fruit of their lives are ugly and withered, sour and rotten. Their words are the same. Ugly wicked words.
    St. Augustine says that the wicked are permitted to endure that they might be converted. Convert! Or, if they refuse conversion, their utility is simply for the good man to exercise patience.
    I can be very impatient sometimes. It's a defect in my character... and so I must express gratitude to my enemies for helping me in this regard. May I know greater patience yet especially in these times of uncertainty.
— Fr. Robert Bengry

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The photograph: From the Bengry collection. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved.