Fr. Robert Bengry: The Deceiver

Canadian Army guys. From the Fr. Bengry collection.
I think this is a fantastic photo! My grandpa is on the middle left with spectacles. I remember going through his war album with him at the kitchen table. Time spent mostly in silence as grandma sat in the sitting room. What a different life they had: he in the army and she flying airplanes. Grandma a pilot! Wow! R. Bengry
When criticising others, it’s vitally important to know one’s own motivation. Is the criticism offered toward the building up of the Kingdom? Or is it a reflexion of one’s own pride and sense of superiority? Whisperers and deceivers often seek to destroy. Catholics are called to build up — to speak the truth in love. — Fr. Robert Bengry

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The photograph: From the Bengry collection. My Grandpa in the war. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved.