Fr. Robert Bengry: Chin Up!

My photo collection: Fr. Robert Bengry
Another family photo. Not sure who, but what a great shot! It makes me laugh! R. Bengry

It’s easy to be down-hearted when troubles come your way (which they will). There will be those who want to see your misery and show it to others, there will be those who delight in your mistakes and in your pain. These are simply realities. But God, who loves you immeasurably, wants you to know joy — real joy. Not because things are perfect, but because He is. When you are weak and alone, when you are sick and suffering, when you are beaten down by satan and his minions, do not lose heart: God Himself will see you through. So, with this knowledge, simply do the best you can and find joy in the places where it is. God will supply the rest. Be cheerful in your suffering. Smile with a glad heart with the sure and certain knowledge that you are blessed, even in your suffering, by God the Holy and Undivided Trinity. — Fr. Bengry

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The photograph: From the Bengry collection. Copyright 2019. All Rights Reserved.